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LSD - Evolution limited slip differential

It is likely impossible to be a serious competitor on a race track without using a limited slip differential (should the rules allow it). This original Evolution LSD made specifically for Mini Spares, is a massively upgraded and advanced version of the old popular Salisbury clutch-type LSD.
It has improved clutch material and a unique design for smooth transitions between loaded and unloaded. This efficient design makes the LSD easier and far more predictable to drive than the Salisbury. The plate-type design will NOT allow the wheels to loose traction even if one of them loses contact with the track surface. Ramp angles are 35/90 so the differential unlocks on deceleration for easier turn in.

This 'race' version of the LSD is set for full race applications but can be easily changed. (Also available in Rally and Street specifications.) Used now by all top racers for more than 10 years without failures - beware of copies!

This unit looks good enough to sit on the coffee table and has been further developed with higher spec material on the bearing housings to allow for inconsistencies in the differential roller bearings.

If you ever need to take the diff apart you must take the pre-load off with a press and then the 3 screws will come out easily. You will have to remove some metal from gearbox and differential casings, but less than with the old Salisbury.